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First broadcast in 1994, Tent Show Radio is a weekly one-hour radio program showcasing the best live recordings from acclaimed music acts and entertainers who grace the Big Top Chautauqua stage each summer in beautiful Bayfield, WI. In the program's nearly 30 year history it has featured artists like Johnny Cash, B.B King, Brandi Carlile, Willie Nelson, Don McLean, and many more. Hosted by celebrated New York Times best-selling author Michael Perry-who weaves stories and humor throughout each episode - Tent Show Radio features performances from renowned national & regional artists, with regular appearances featuring Big Top’s own unique brand of shows that feature songs and stories performed by its acclaimed house band, The Blue Canvas Orchestra.


Tent Show Radio is independently produced by Big Top Chautauqua, a non-profit performing arts organization, with a mission to present performances and events that celebrate history and the environment - along with their annual summer concert series - nestled in the woods on the shores of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

Mar 15, 2024

On this special throwback episode of Tent Show Radio, Different Drums of Ireland take the stage for a celebratory performance showcasing Irelands unique indigenous sounds and rich cultural diversity.

Different Drums of Ireland was created in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1991 as an exercise to use art and music as a vehicle to do something positive in the community. Different Drums of Ireland celebrates the musical traditions, customs, and sounds of that wee part of the world, crossing boundaries in an effort to promote peace and unity. Primarily a joint celebration of the Bodhrán and the Lambeg, drums seen as representative of the Nationalist and Unionist cultures respectively in Ireland, Different Drums of Ireland play a unique form of Irish music which also borrows from other cultures. Influenced by the Kodo drummers from Japan, they explore a wide variety of percussive sounds as the employ the African Djembe drum for the rhythmic engine of the band and you’ll also hear the high-tension snare and various other percussion from around the world.

As Different Drums of Ireland, Roy Arbuckle, Stevie Matier, Dolores O'Hare, Paul Marshall, & Richard Campbell have played across the world, for everyone from US & Irish presidents to school children. Their performances are a unique celebration of cultural diversity and linkages - the sound and passion of Different Drums of Ireland is something truly unique and unforgettable.



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Phillip Anich - Announcer
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