TSR14-05 featuring Rockin' Jason D. Williams

Tune in this week as New York Times best selling author/humorist Michael Perry discusses smartphone apps that work in the chicken coop and introduces his daughter to the magic of a manual typewriter ~ and welcomes musical guest Rockin' Jason D. Williams.

With high acrobatics and excellent musical skill, Jason D. Williams performs ear-shakingly, dynamic and high energy performances night after night, and this night, he brought it to the Big Top stage.  Williams has the ability to perform songs on the piano with his body in several difficult, acrobatic-like positions, such as in a handstand, backwards, forwards, sideways, upside-down, on the ground, on his knees, with his limbs or feet, standing or lying on the piano, and standing on top of piano keys incorporating jazz, boogie woogie, country, blues, rock, rock & roll, gospel, and classical music into his performances.

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TSR14-04 Highway 61 Revisited

Tent Show Radio author/humorist and part-time-pig-farmer Michael Perry welcomes Big Top's Blue Canvas Orchestra along with special musical guests as they perform the songs of Bob Dylan.

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TSR 14-03 featuring Joan Osborne

Welcome to another episode of Tent Show Radio featuring New York Times best selling author, humorist and part time pig farmer Michael Perry as he welcomes Grammy Award nominee Joan Osborne and Mike trys to "rebrand" yoga.

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Tent Show Radio host Michael Perry welcomes Milwaukee, Wisconsin roots rockers The Bodeans and Mike manages to avoid getting beat up at the class reunion.

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Tent Show Radio featuring author, humorist and New York Times best selling author Michael Perry, Big Top Chautauqua's Blue Canvas Orchestra and special Grammy Award winning musical guest Bill Miller.

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